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Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope
It’s not that I do not believe in horoscope, au contraire. There could have been times when I might have shown a sort of scepticism. But scepticism is a dress that doesn’t fit me. So now I’m sure that stars and planets have somehow an influence on me, and do not try to talk me out of it.
What buggers me is why have my horoscope to be so patronizing, instead of telling me the truth as it is. I have to read between the lines, and make interpretations up, and uncover the veils of language to end up with something I already knew.
Here is my horoscope for today. Commented.
You know what you want, but your actions may convey a very different message as your key planet Mars crosses paths with deceptive Neptune.

You are an inconsequential idiot. You say something and the very minute after  you do exactly the opposite. You say you want a pony, and end up with three cats. You complain you do not have enough time to read, and you start writing a new blog. How very grownup from you to blame the planets for this. After having said you do not believe in Horoscope.

It’s not that you are purposefully misleading anyone; it’s just that confusion reigns supreme unless you take the time to explain your behavior.

We know you do not intend to be an idiot. You just are, and for that we will forever forgive you. You little selfish moron. If you only could use us the decency to tell what we have to expect next,  that would help to put up with you. But you can not, and we know it’s all the planets’ fault. As you say.

Fortunately, you can use this energy creatively if you look at your life as a spiritual journey today, instead of only pursuing an ambitious goal.
Thanks to your dysfunctional behaviour you are alienating your friends, family, coworkers and plain acquaintances. But that’s not something to blame, you are in fact in the midst of a spiritual journey: you will reach a new level of self awareness. Which will show you how useless any effort to pursue any ambitious goal would be. So do not even try, you little pathetic failure. Sit down near me and feel all spiritual: it’s better, isn’t it?